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Gold Leads To Freedom!
Bankers' Money Enslaves And Lets Government Steal from Us!

Although a number of excellent websites exist that aim at spreading awareness of Gold as a monetary metal, few do so in the Chinese language. Hence the reason for my starting this Blog, which is aimed at Chinese readers in particular.

If you feel more at home in English, I have written a few articles which you might find of interest:

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Quotes – Gold Is Money

N.B. Many of the Chinese language posts have links to English language websites. Feel free to check them out.

Most people consider Gold as an expensive material that goes into the fabrication of jewelry. Few are aware of the true nature and import of Gold, which has existed for thousands of years, indeed along with human civilization, as Money.

This fact has been lost on most people because over the years, especially after the Great Depression of 1929-1933, governments and bankers have assiduously and ruthlessly done their best to conceal this fact, and brainwash the general populace into believing that mere pieces of officially printed paper are as good as Gold.

Governments and bankers the world over have a vested interest in inculcating blind faith in paper money amongst people, because of their ability to control and multiply this form of money. Gold, on the other hand, is beyond their surreptitious control, and if they wanted to take it from the people, they would have to do it overtly, in broad daylight. This would be something that they would not be able to get away with for long, as people generally recognize such action for what it is – Theft!

Conversely, printing paper money can be easily concealed, and carried on for a long period of time without ever arousing people’s suspicion. Of course, eventually the game would be up, when the accumulation of paper would be too great, when the gradual debasement of money reaches a hyper-inflationary collapse. But, by this time, it would be too late for people to escape the total destruction of their wealth. Governments and bankers would then be forced to officially devalue the official currency, and start the game anew.

It is important that more and more people realize what governments and their banker allies have been up to. Once people start to understand that Gold is a monetary metal, unlike the paper and electronic money issued by governments and bankers, they will understand why Gold is their greatest ally and benefactor – Gold protects their savings and wealth from surreptitious theft by governments and bankers, in the form of monetary devaluation, otherwise known as Inflation.

People will then understand why the mass media, so-called economists and financial experts, all of whom are financed and therefore owned by the powers that be, never have a good word to say about Gold. Their hatred of Gold is visceral, because they fear Gold. And they have an even greater fear that people would understand the true nature of Gold.

Gold is the only thing that stands between government (and their banker friends) and complete control of power and wealth. Gold is the only thing that makes it difficult for them to steal the people’s wealth in broad daylight, by means of inflation. Gold is their worst enemy! When people embrace Gold, governments will lose their absolute power.

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香港樓價指標與金價相比 - 更正﹗


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(1) 魔環三部曲 Lord Of The Rings﹕魔環象徵無窮的權力﹐引誘著眾人。壞人欲得到它來扶助他們統治天下﹐好人想借它的力量來行善。但戲的訊息就是,不論壞人與好人,“權力使人腐化﹐絕對的權力使人絕對腐化”。故事中的兩個邪惡核心 (The Twin Towers),第一個可代表今日的美國。第二個又是誰呢﹖大家可用自己的智慧猜猜吧﹗

由Loreena McKennitt作曲,和原唱。

(2) 天國驕雄 Kingdom Of Heaven ﹕維護個人尊嚴,寧死不屈,而此尊嚴來自人神的契約。人與人之間講道義。

Saladin Tribute 向薩拉丁致敬

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今天 AM730有一篇關於廣東陸豐烏坎村的村民與官府抗爭的文章。劉銳紹對這事件的分析值得我們細讀和反思。

劉銳紹-烏坎村民揚言戰鬥至死 (AM730 2011年12月20日)

" 廣東陸豐烏坎村徵地抗爭持續,路透社報道,有村民表示,不怕包圍村莊的武警用槍鎮壓,「假如他們想我們死,是沒問題的,因我們已沒有土地了」,他們稱,為了土地,將戰鬥至死。昨午村民再召開大會聲討村政府,並決定明日「突圍」到陸豐市政府舉行大型抗議,同時做好生命受威脅的心理準備,如遭暴力對待,將不會還手,就地靜坐。村民又指,寧向記者下跪,誓死不向政府屈服.... "

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施永青老闆,在他的文章“債務危機將如何終結”( AM730,2011年12月08日),對這個問題,有很坦然的見解。以下輯錄了幾段給大家細讀。

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以下是Steve Saville的文章 :“The Difference Between Good Money & Bad Money” (2007-2008) 的翻譯 。

有人說,美元最終將達到其內在價值,即等於零。 這可能是真實的,但缺乏內在價值不是美元和其他法定貨幣要面對的主要問題。事實上,錢本身是未有任何“內在”價值的,即使金幣和銀幣也如是。

若要明白黃金也沒有內在價值,你只需要想象你獨自被困在一個荒島上,而你又知道不存在任何被獲救的機會。這時候,你手上的金幣有什麼價值呢﹖ 在這種情況下,你會覺得一兩魚肉,或一兩椰子,都比你手上的金幣更有價值。

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以下是 Steve Saville 2010年7月20日 的文章﹕Economists Don't Understand Money 的部分翻譯內容。


即使已故的偉大米爾頓弗里德曼 (Milton Friedman),也有這個對於錢的心理障礙。不幸的就是他把這個心理障礙傳給他的眾弟子和追隨者。